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Here's hoping that everyone in the crowdfunding community is planning to respond to the SEC's proposals on Rule 147 and 504. Even if they think the SEC got it right. And that they will comment on all aspects of the proposals, even the bits that the SEC got right.November 21, 2015 by Sara Hanks
November 15, 2015 by Sara Hanks
Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation
  The 2015 CfPA summit, leb by some of the most prominent figures in finance, FinTech, and securities governance, will focus on the outlook and opportunities for Crowdfinance in 2016. The conference is strategically structured to ensure that participants share knowledge and strategies while...
This is my least favorite bit of the SEC's Regulation CF: the fact that the exemption from Section 12(g) is conditional. What does this mean? Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 says that if you acquire a certain number of shareholders of any class of equity securities, you have to...